LICAR | S.p.A International

Research and customer project realisation

The supplier is able to do what he is asked for, Licar as partner, besides listening and analyzing the requests, shares the same targets of the customer, analyzes trends, provides planning, suggests solutions, prevents and resolves contingencies through experience, offers exclusive and industrialized products. Everything is at the customer’s disposal: he can decide to use the whole know-how directly or indirectly as a starting point for developing his own products.

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Thanks to research activities carried out together with his suppliers of wrappings, and with the ability to innovate the productive processes, LICAR offers technical expertise to the customer, that easily evolves into a winning partnership.

Together for: (1) better understanding techniques and proposing innovation (2) finding Value Analysis and Design to Cost solutions, thanks to constant attention of LICAR management on cost of the product. LICAR works together with the customer in a structured way with proved methodologies, acting on multiple axes of technical saving, optimizing performance, quality, reliability, service and costs.

Planning capability and Comakership are essential skills to be competitive in sub-contracting market of doors, profiles and flat pack furniture.