With more than 45 years in business, the spirit of change has been the constant driving force behind LICAR International SpA. We are driven by change to be better, to create inspiring and quality products, and to be responsive to our industry and customers. This is our story.

LICAR was founded in 1973 in San Quirino (PN) and today it’s part of a leading group in production of furniture frontals: ILCAM SpA.

The acquisition in 2014 by ILCAM, added LICAR as a STRATEGIC BUSINESS UNIT to focus on the manufacturing technology of five-pieces wrapped doors.

With a talented and dedicated team of more than 250 employees our daily production capacity is around 20,000 pieces, that from Italy are delivered around the world.

Our business, what we have always loved to do,
is ‘dressing’ furniture with beautiful and well-made frontals:


With 45 years of experience in the manufacturing technology of wrapping, we are able to apply different materials on profiles: Wood veneer, DLV (Decorative Laminate Veneer), paper foil, PET foil, etc.

We can supply


assembled with different joints: Shaker joint, Cope joint, Miter joint and French miter joint.

For all these reasons, LICAR is the leading supplier of the North America market for 5 pieces wrapped doors, profile-wrapped,

Our services

LICAR is a valid ally for large scale retail trade and furniture producers, able to transfer know-how and innovation and a supplier able to provide solutions through a shared responsibility.

LICAR is able to adapt to frequently changing markets as an integrated supplier that provides specialization in producing doors, through organization models that optimize the relationship company / supplier.

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L.I.C.AR. International S.p.A.

Via dei Longobardi, 41
33080, San Quirino, PN (Italy)

Tel. +39 0434 918111
Fax  +39 0434 917221

e-mail info@licar.com